Our sweat against their Austerity – WATP Team for the 20km of Brussels!

This year the 20km of Brussels will be conquered by the WATP racing team!
Brave girls and boys from Portugal, Greece, the Netherlands, Denmark, Belgium, the UK and Germany will dedicate their time, sweat and lactate to run the Brussels 20km on 25 May 2013.

We run for a strong European solidarity across borders
We run in support of the strikes and actions against austerity
We run for true democracy and social justice

Support the WATP 20km initiative!

Why they run

Here are statements by some people that do run the 20km of Brussels with WeAreThePigs. Read about their motivation and support them!

Emily: “I chose to take part in the WeAreThePigs 20K team as I think it is important to remind ourselves that people affected by the ongoing economic and financial crisis in the so-called PIGS countries (Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece, Spain) are real people with real hopes and feelings and needs, and we must support causes that help people whose lives have been directly affected by austerity measures.
I have not really ran properly for about 10 years so training is a good personal challenge, and it is lots of fun running around Brussels’ beautiful parks.”

Ioannis: “I run against austerity as a way of channeling all of the anger, frustration, and disappointment that the last few years have meted out in spades. As the monolithic neo-liberal agenda paves roughshod over entire populations in a surreal species of financial genocide, while tone-deaf “representatives of the people” are shown to be nothing more than Troika Yes-men, the policies of austerity have proven to be expression of the most devious form of violence. The Troika has bypassed the will of the people, despite the fact that austerity has been proven to be detrimental to the recovery of the Eurozone.
As a Greek, I dread the worsening of the situation and feel an intense bitterness at the shell-games being played against the people of the PIGS nations. I feel that only by empowering ourselves can we take back control of the situation from those who have high-jacked our future. Some days empowerment means protesting the Troika, and some days that means running a 20K.”

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