Europe speaks German. Europa spricht deutsch. Η Ευρώπη μιλάει γερμανικά.

Reportage without frontiers, a documentary show broadcast on Greek public TV station ERT presented its 60 minute program under the title “Europe speaks German”.

It features amongst others Alan Ciblis, Marisa Matias, Johanna Gomez Gardozo, Daniel Cohn-Bendit….and WATP, yeah!

Here is an overview on the program in English, you can watch it in four parts (15 mins each) on the rwf website:

When the global financial war reached Europe in 2008, German leadership quickly realized that the crises could be used in their favor. Greece presented the best opportunity for doing so. “German policy has been clear and evident since the very beginning, says former Greek Finance Minister Louka Katseli, “In a bid to prevent damage to German banks and to German taxpayers and also to buy herself time politically, Mrs. Merkel laid the blame squarely on the shoulders of Greece.”

Wether conventional or not, all wars rely heavily on propaganda. The loan agreement signed by Greece in 2010 as part of the memorandum came with an exorbitantly high interest rate, though through the international media it was presented as a hand-out. Greeks – as well as other southern european peoples – were called “lazy”, there nations labeled “pigs”(P.I.I.G.S). A German woman, Sonja Giese, decided to react by founding the movement “We Are The Pigs”. “I was angry. I wanted to know how Greeks feel, when everday they are reading in the newspapers that they are 11 million liars and cheaters who hide their money while at the same time being rich, each with a pool in the backyard. I knew that this was not true, that it was nothing more than a stupid stereotype”

Here you can watch the program, read all the interviews in full length and get more information on the show.

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