About WATP.

Dateline 2009. PIGS – a term used since the mid-90′s in reference to the economies of Southern European countries (Portugal, Italy, Greece, Spain) quickly becomes a marketable buzz word, used by Mass Media as a ‘clever’ way to lump together countries where the Euro zone crisis began to present itself, with Ireland quickly added to the group.

We Are The Pigs is an ongoing narrative of a crisis and its sociological aftershocks. Its fundamental goal is to take account of the human cost, one that is measured not in Euros or bonds, but in sacrifice of hopes, cancellation of dreams.

Touring the so-called PIIGS countries, WATP collects and records personal stories of ordinary people who have been hit by the economic meltdown — but also of people who have not been affected at all.

Born out of a desire to break free of media/taylored stereotypes and expert analyses, WATP wants to show an alternative vision. There is no single truth. The goal is to share information and try to change the way it flows.

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