Zero hour. OXI is hope.

Only a no-vote bears the chance for change.
In this hour, OXI is the only hope for change. No to austerity is the only way to stop the race to the bottom. German Mainstream Media are acting as PR machines for the German government. Here in Germany the story goes: The Greek government acts irresponsible and thus, Greece destroys the Euro and democracy. This sick distorsion of reality is easier for sale than the fact that the German government did mess up the so called salvation of the Greek state in 2010.
It is not responsible to say YES to something that proves to be wrong. If someone hits you in the face you don’t slap back, you simply say „No, stop it“ – this is one of the first rules children are taught. There is nothing violent, stupid, unreasonable, irresponsible or crazy in it – it is simply a natural reaction to show your boundaries; a fundamentally healthy act of refusing to participate in anything that could harm yourselves or others.
Hundreds and thousands of people are right now with you, while your hands are shaken, while the fear might take over. For most of you, these days will become almost unbearable. You might be suffering, you might go through fear and anger and you might get to the point where you think: fuck that, I am starving, I am fed up with this, leave me alone, give me my money and fuck the rest. But saying yes to more austerity will not help. Nobody knows what will happen if you do not obey to the IMF/EU/ECB and to their political doers – it might even get worse. Even more austerity will lead Greece and the rest of Europe steady into barbarism. Be the change you want to see in the world – or to put it simply: be revolutionary.

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