Support the WATP 20km initiative

We are looking for donors to support our cause.

It is like running 20 km – every small step counts. So in this case, WE do run the 20km and you can take part in our solidarity action.

One Euro per kilometre for example will help to support the fight of the people in the PIIGS countries to cope with the economic crisis and with the antisocial “reforms” taken by the Troika.

The funds raised will be donated to these non-profit organisations, grassroots initiatives and campaigns that do work to help people in need.

– the international solidarity campaign “Solidarity 4 all” in Greece.
More information

“Solidarity for All” is in direct and constant contact with, and supports materially, all the grassroot groups of social solidarity in the country, after their demand. It is easy to understand that the economic resources at their disposal do not suffice to cover the ever increasing needs. The safeguarding of a just allocation of funding is a guiding principle for them.

– Focus Ireland
More information
“Focus Ireland” is a charity that works to prevent people becoming, remaining or returning to homelessness.
If you would like to donate one, five, twenty or more Euros, please contact us and we will get back to you promptly.

For transparency reasons and in the spirit of direct action, you can also give your money directly to the above-stated campaigns.
In this case, please mention in your communication “WeAreThePigs Support”.

The bank account you can deposit your donations to the “Solidarity 4 all” international campaign is:
ΙΒΑΝ GR59011004000000040434352

To make a donation to Focus Ireland, click on the following link: Make a donation
Thanks a lot, we appreciate your help and your support!

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