Credits and thanks

Dear humans,

thanks to your help and support WATP had a great take off. The first road trip throughout Greece as well as the preparation of an exhibition of a series of portraits was realized by crowdfunding. Thanks a bomb to:

emptee, Frank Popkowitz, Tee Kay, Dieter Havenith, Julia Kölbel, Bernhard Gross, Ariane Herdemerten, Ursula Kreusch, Christof Langguth, Rainer Hartwig, Norbert Heukemes, Nora Circosta, T. Meise, Tilman Krüger, Shari Ruppert, Maximus, Nora Somaini, Anthanasios Papapostolou, Dr. Meike Rodekamp, Gaby Walter, Maikel Maikel, Piotr Kochalski, Patrick Pommé, Oystein Evenson, Inga Keilmann, Frank Puskarev, Veronika Rochhart, Britta Wagner, Monika Smulska, Manuela Kropp, Roland Kulke, Sven Cloth, Holger Brandt, LP10, K.-H. Homberg, Amanda Hollingworth, Lema Daskalogiannis, Erika Kaut, Kschwahlen, Maja Hofmann, Robbin Gajda, Andreas Deffner, Brigitte Dobbelstein, Peter Donath, Mandy Hermanns, Martin Esch, Aylin Can, Jani, Hartmut Schenke, Marion Schmid, Rolf Strauß, Raphael Kreusch, Aline Wesner, Michael Contes, Rüdiger Giese, Josephine Ulrich, Virginia Green, Melanie Füller, Georgios Stathoulopoulos, Lidwina Hamacher, Klaus Füller, Anne-Céline Kreusch, Brigitta Wolf, Anna Striethorst, Caroline Recker, Céline Liessem, Marc Niessen, Bernd Lambertz, Anne Bontemps, Elisabeth Zimmermann, Adrian Lambertz, Erling Aggebo….und viele anonyme Unterstützer/and many many anonymous donors!

…..and here’s to all the people that we’ve met on the road – thanks for open up, for giving us a place to sleep, for nightswimming, for the arguments, the laughter, the whimsical moments and for being human.

Aggelos, Aggeliki, Anna, Ismene, Mehran, George, Kostas, Stella, Charles, Georgia, Nikolas, Antonis, Yiannis, Chara, Stratis, Petro, Nikos V., Nanda, David R., Achilles, Ioannis, Adonis, Apostolos, Vivi, Anna, Erag, Phillip, Paschalis, Kostas, Eleni, Manolis, Rena (….to be continued).

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